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Prices and Fees

Bear Creek Travel will do it's best to give you the lowest rate possible for your vacation needs. Bear Creek Travel does charge an additional fee for services rendered and reserves the right to charge additional fees to any vacation booking that involves more than three changes or is cancelled.

If your vacation should drop in price, Bear Creek Travel will do everything possible, within the vendor's set pricing guidelines, to either refund you the difference in price or upgrade you to better accommodations.

We will accept any and all promotional coupons issued by the vacation provider as long as they are not expired, nor reproduced, and used according to the guidelines as specified on the coupon and/or by the vacation providers themselves.

Though not a requirement, Bear Creek Travel highly recommends the purchase of a travel insurance policy. For a minimal charge, you can have the piece of mind knowing your vacation investment is covered in the event of an unforeseeable sickness, injury, or death of you, an immediate family or traveling companion. Additional coverages, which may be included depending on the policy purchased, are emergency accidental medical or dental expense, lost or stolen check baggage allowance, and flight insurance.

Bear Creek Travel accepts credit cards as a form of payment for you vacation and insurance needs. Payments and reimbursements are processed directly by the vendors and insurance providers themselves. Cash, personal checks and money orders are not accepted means of payment.